Dennis Santiago
Dennis Santiago

Author, Commentator, Expert on Global Risk and Financial Analytics

My Blogs

Picking Nits

Commentary on national and foreigng policy, politics, global stability,financial and regulatory issues.


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Dennis Talks Guns

Commentary on firearms, equipment, competition, instruction, crime analyis and politcs.


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Royal Aristocrat

A blog for thoughtful musings about life, love, manhood and self-worth.


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Other Publications

Internet sites where my comments also appear.

America Out Loud

Author and Radio Commentator

America Out Loud is a platform that discusses politics and lifestyle issues.  I began contributing to this platform in 2018.

Self-Publishing by Google is a shared space publishing outlet useful for placing copies of articles for use by other sites.

Huffington Post

Archived Articles from Defunct Platform

Arianna Huffington's contributing authors platform operated from 2008 to 2018 initially beginning with invitees by A.  It no longer takes new entries.  My achive here goes back to the 2008 financial crisis.